Create student data files using other student data management systems.

Depending on the student management program you are using, you may have to reorder the steps to create the student data file.

  1. Open the student management program.
  2. Find and run the Export function for the program. You may have to use the Report function, define a report and then export that report.
  3. Create a filtered export file or report that provides a list of only eighth-grade students with the following fields included:
system student ID
state student ID
last name
first name
middle name
birth date

The ‘system student ID’ field can have any character in the data rows and you can use the same value for all students if you do not use a student ID in your student management system.

The ‘middle name’ field does not require values, but the header row for this field must be included in your student data file, even if there are no values in the data columns.

  1. Run a test (print to a file or to a printer) to be sure you have the correct students included in the filter.
  2. Select the Export function to create a .CSV file of the students. You can also copy and paste data from your student management system into a .CSV file.
  3. Save the resulting file in .CSV format.
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