Welcome to TLAP -- The Technology Literacy Assessment Program (TLAP) was created with federal grant funds to provide a Colorado based online tool for assessing 8th grade technology literacy. The pilot test of TLAP was conducted in the spring of 2009.  A second year of funding from Title II-D funding has been awarded to allow TLAP to move from Pilot to Sustainability, allowing us to expand the user base and enhance security making it available statewide.


TLAP is available to all Colorado schools free of charge. The assessment includes 36 questions with six questions for each of the six ISTE standards that are the basis of recommended student technology knowledge. It also includes a student self-assessment survey that can be customized (or eliminated) to your school or district.


We are working with all interested Colorado schools to administer the TLAP assessment to 8th grade students. The TLAP assessment requires security to be administered at the district level. This means your District Assessment Coordinator will create your user account so you can access the assessment. Please contact your District Assessment Coordinator to let them know you intend to use TLAP this year.  We will be working closely with the District Assessment Coordinators in the coming months.


Second year funding includes improved features that districts requested, including pre- and post- testing capabilities with two different versions of the assessment, a Spanish language version, and text to speech synthesis as well as 504 compliance. We will continue to provide a high level of support for participating schools.


Please email us at the address below if you plan to use TLAP this year and we will continue provide you with information needed.   Be sure to include the name and email address of your District Assessment Coordinator and the TLAP contact if different.


Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!


The TLAP Team

[email protected]


Centennial BOCES

Longmont, Colorado

303-772-4420 x2222